Daniel Enriquez

About Me

I am a M.S. student at Virginia Tech. I am currently a Graduate Research Assistant in the area of Immersive Analytics and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Immersive Environments. Before joining Virginia Tech, I was an Undergraduate Researcher at the University of Nevada, Reno. My advisor is Prof. Yalong Yang, co-advised by Prof. Chris North.

My research interests is in Human-Computer Interaction, where I do most of my research in immersive experiences. I have great experience across the Augmented-Virtuality continuum, as I've worked with MR, VR, and AR applications in the past. I'm invested into making XR the future, and to do so, I've submitted publications and will continue to work on projects towards research efforts at a variety of venues such as CHI, IEEEVR, CSCW, and more.